2022 Population Estimates
   A.  Population – County     79,864
   B.  Population breakdown by town
         a.  Siler City       8,074
         b.  Pittsboro       4,712
         c.  Goldston          244
         d.  Cary (predominantly in Wake County)
         e.  Unincorporated towns  > 66,000
  C.  Population breakdown by race
         a.  White alone       72.3%
         b.  African American alone       11.7%
         c.  Hispanic or Latino       12.1%
         d.  Other races         3.9%
  2021 Estimates
  A.  Median Age          47.3
  B.  Median Household Income      76,791
  C.  Per Capita Income      48,143

The above information was gathered through the US Census Bureau.  For more detailed demographics and statistics information, please click one of the following links.

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