Join Chatham Chamber of Commerce

Membership is an investment in the present and future, and offers an active visible opportunity to participate in shaping the future of Chatham County. Chamber membership facilitates the promotion and advertisement of your business with one annual fee. In addition, you save with Members Only! Discounts and receive discounts on events and programs. Board of Advisor members receive additional exposure and benefits.


A national study revealed that membership in your local chamber of commerce can have a compelling impact on your business’s image among other local businesses as well as consumers. Being active in a local Chamber of Commerce communicates to consumers that your company uses good business practices, is reputable, cares about its customers, and is involved in the community.

Results of The Schapiro Group study show that consumers are:

10% more likely to think that products of a business stack up better than that of the
competition if the business is highly involved in the local chamber.
68% more likely to eat at a restaurant franchise within the next few months if the restaurant
is a member of the local chamber of commerce
36% more likely to think more favorably and buy insurance from an insurance company/agent that is a Chamber member of the local chamber of commerce
49% more likely to think favorably of a small business that is a Chamber member and 80% more likely to purchases goods or services from this business in the future

A Membership Application can be completed and submitted through the “Join Now” link below. Once the application is submitted, you will be redirected to a secure payment screen to pay your annual membership investment. The Chamber Membership Packet can be viewed in its entirety here. You will find your investment rate in the Investment Schedule . Your rate will be determined by the number of employees you have unless you fall under one of the specific category rates listed at the bottom of the Investment Schedule.

If you would like more information before joining the Chamber, please contact the Chamber by email or phone at 919-742-3333. We look forward to working with you!